South Santa Rosa County – Are You F#@%ing Kidding?

UPDATE: Secret Junior Relocation Complete

Safe Relocation of Baby Sign


New Solar Farm In Navarre Is Paying Off Big

June 25, 2017 Karen Cost woke up one morning to find Gulf Power had installed an enormous power pole in her yard. "It was a shock to see" Cost said. "Energy from the sun is a wonderful idea and while... Continue Reading →

Judy Is In Trouble In Alabama

Local well know Navarre Chamber of Commerce President seems to be in a lot of trouble. It's even funnier when you know she accused someone else of fraud and has a libel suit against her for those comments. So I... Continue Reading →

BREAKING, Child of “Florida’s Best Kept Secret” Discovered, In Safe Shelter

By Christopher Hitchens In a shocking turn of event's, after the genocide of the "Florida's Best Kept Secret" signs in Holley-Navarre, all hope of recovering any of the historical signs where thought gone forever, until now. On Sunday night, 18... Continue Reading →

FDOT to discuss Milton’s need to 6 lane U.S. 98

Navarre – During a special meeting in Milton the BoCC decided to ask Ian Satter of the Florida DOT to reevaluate widening a portion of Hwy 98 to six lanes sooner than the expected timeline of 2027. Members of the... Continue Reading →

Navarre needs to learn it’s place [not]

OpEd I normally don’t like writing OpEds. They are just an opinion piece and let’s face it. Opinions are like the proverbial poop chute. Everyone’s got one. But it is very interesting to see the response from Milton, or more... Continue Reading →

LGBT Community Issues Statement, Will No Longer Visit Navarre Beach

The re-branding effort to our community is a philosophical one, it means to us and our supporters that we are no longer welcome in Santa Rosa County

Walton County TDC Proclaims Support for Navarre Citizens

By Jack Reacher In a rare departure from routine business, the Walton County Tourist Development Council (TDC), voted a non-binding resolution to show their unilateral support to the citizens of Holley-Navarre and Navarre Beach in Santa Rosa County in their... Continue Reading →

Others join the fight.

June 12, 2017 In a strange twist to the re-branding of Santa Rosa county. Castleberry Alabama just announced they would like to show their support for Santa Rosa's new marketing of the county by changing their Welcome sign. Mayor "Buddy"... Continue Reading →

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